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So What

So What


Ensemble: Big Band


Level: Intermediate Collegiate


Description: My arrangement on Miles Davis’s “So What” performed by the Paradise Theatre Big Band!I love experimenting with different approaches to familiar tunes, and Miles gave so much material to work with. Shoutout to the trumpet section for tackling my harmonized version of Miles’s solo from the record.


Reference Video:


Please note: this is a digital product. You will not receive any printed sheet music, but a .zip file that includes .pdf files of all of the parts, the score, and a reference recording MP3.

Sax Trumpet Trombone Rhythm
Alto Sax 1 Trumpet 1 Trombone 1 Guitar
Alto Sax 2 Trumpet 2 Trombone 2 Piano
Tenor Sax 1 Trumpet 3 Trombone 3 Acoustic Bass
Tenor Sax 2 Trumpet 4 Bass Trombone Drum Set
Baritone Sax      
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