Going Up and Down At The Same Time

This is a fun sequential technique that I’ll do a series of videos on. Moving up or down a sequence while the motion of the exercise is in the opposite direction!

Chord Extensions Based on Scales

Lydian, Lydian Dominant, Altered Scale chord extensions

Major Triads on the Diminished Spectrum

This is a concept I use very often while arranging and improvising. You can use major triads within a diminished spectrum to imply various alterations AND keep the sounds organized.


How To Read Chord Symbols and Chord Extensions


*update: I will edit this video soon to take of the use of “∆” for a major triad. Historically, many musicians only use this when indicating a Major 7, so for a major triad the best this is to list no symbol at all!

“C” implies a C major triads

Justification Exercises

This will grow overtime. A series of exercises dealing with a reharm concept that I use often.

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