Composition & Arranging

Anatomy Of An Arrangement'

This is the first part of a video series covering different sections of arrangements I typically use while writing. This series will parallel a course that I teach at the University of Utah, and breaks down different ways of hearing the form of a song and analyzing its components. More to come!

Giant Steps

Study of this famous John Coltrane composition

Sophisticated Lady - Tune Analysis

This is a detailed analysis of one of my favorite songs, Duke Ellington's "Sophisticated Lady". I break down the chord function, 2 note voice leading, and consonance and dissonance used in the melody. 


Arranging "Sophisticated Lady" for 5 horns

This week's videos are all based on a recent arrangement I wrote of Duke Ellington's "Sophisticated Lady". To start, be sure you watch the YouTube video here so you can see the end result!

Justification Exercises

This will grow overtime. A series of exercises dealing with a reharm concept that I use often.


I fell in love with this Jorja Smith song when it first dropped, and decided to do a horn arrangement of it. I screen recorded the arranging process so I could share it with you all!

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