Arranging "Sophisticated Lady" for 5 horns

These videos are all based on a recent arrangement I wrote of Duke Ellington's "Sophisticated Lady". To start, be sure you watch the YouTube video here so you can see the end result!

This is a LOT of information, but I also think this is a very effective way to learn how to arrange in context. I spent a lot of time looking over the shoulders of my mentors watching them arrange and picked up on a lot. Sometimes I was able to ask questions, but often they were moving so fast I just picked up what I could.

This is designed to mirror that experience except I spend a lot more time explaining myself than my mentors had time to do! It’s set up to be able to help you see how the ideas manifest from my head, to the keyboard, and into Finale. Dive in, pause as needed, take notes, and play through as many voicings as possible on piano!


Part II: arranging the second A section

Part I: arranging the first A section

Part IV: super-imposed Coltrane influenced changes over last A section and full run through of the chart!

Part III: arranging the bridge