PREMIUM: Lydian Dominant Chord Extensions

This lesson guides you through chord extensions based on the Lydian Dominant Scale, through all 12 keys! I recommend that everyone practices this on piano, and as you become more comfortable translate the concept to your primary instrument as well. 

Practice along with the video, go at your own pace, or pause and rewind as needed. This will get you moving through the keys and build harmonic and extension fluency!

If you aren't already familiar: the Lydian Dominant Scale is the 4th mode of the Melodic Minor Scale. 

ie) C melodic minor = C D Eb F G A B C
     F lydian dominant = F G A B C D Eb F

Another way to think of it is as a dominant scale with a #4

ie) F dominant = F G A Bb C D Eb F
     F lydian dominant = F G A B C D Eb F


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