"Pretty For a Dark Girl" single

"Pretty For a Dark Girl" single


Lulu Fall with the Kris Johnson Group
Lyrics by Lulu Fall, music by Lulu Fall and Kris Johnson
Performed by Lulu Fall with the Kris Johnson Group


This song is about Colorism. It highlights the harsh prejudices and stereotypes that dark-skinned women and girls face interculturally, specifically in the African American community. As a dark-skinned woman, Lulu Fall pulled from her personal experiences, testimonies from female friends and family, and the social media community to shed light on such a taboo subject.

"As a child, I was teased because of my skin color and for having African parents. As an adult, I was told my beauty was an exception for my skin tone, because dark-skinned women aren't considered to be as desirable. This song sheds light on Colorism. This song empowers Black women, and all women who were discriminated against because of their looks. This song is about me."

-Lulu Fall

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