Journey Through a Dream - mp3 download

Journey Through a Dream - mp3 download

Un Voyage dans les Rêves
A Journey Through a Dream

Un Voyage dans les Rêves (A Journey Through a Dream) is a musical representation of the various realities we experience while asleep. By taking the listener through one night, this work brings to life the alternate worlds and possibilities that comprise a dream. This piece is composed by trumpeter Kris Johnson and is orchestrated for jazz ensemble and string ensemble. “A Journey Through a Dream” was commissioned by the Arts League of Michigan and premiered at the Cranbrook Academy of Art on July 31st, 2007 and Campus Martius on August 1st, 2007.

A Busy Day in Paris: The story begins with a typical day in the life of our dreamer; his morning commute, a boring day at the office, and rush hour traffic on his way home from work. 

A Lonely Evening: At home at the end of his hectic day, he sits alone wishing he had the courage to pursue his love interest, Michelle. 

Drifting Asleep: The dreamer slowly descends into his world of dreams.

The Land of Fantasy: His dream begins with a visit to an enchanted country that is free from the limitations of his own world. 

Michelle: Leaving the “Land of Fantasy” with a new sense of confidence, the dreamer pursues the true desire of his heart and wins her love.

Duel with the Devil: Michelle is now traveling with him and they soon encounter a cursed land. She is kidnapped by the devil and he fights to rescue her.

Deja Vu & Morning Dance: Startled by his alarm clock, the dreamer begins his hectic day again. He runs into Michelle on his way to work and suddenly he finds himself dancing with her in the dream world. This is when he realizes it is just another dream.

Remember and Reflect: The next morning he prepares a cup of tea and sits on his porch reflecting on his journey. As the rain begins to fall harder the memory of his dream begins to fade...
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